We do like lists


It’s not a new idea this, moving to another country.

Things have gone a bit pear shaped here in South Africa, or if you are very optimistic you might say they are busy going pear shaped, if you are in complete denial you might even say that they look like they might go pear shaped.

They are well and truly freaking pear shaped in our opinion.

So, in our quest for a home base filled with opportunity, and an above average chance of personal safety, we have been considering either:

  • The UK (Brexit depending)
  • Germany
  • Netherlands

Last week Andy and I had this brilliant idea that we need to come up with a Pros and Cons list, a vision board of sorts, that we can use to remind ourselves why we did this on bad days. And a list of things that we are looking forward to on good days.

Ta-dah! Behold our list – drawn up in freehand, and enthusiastically contributed to by all three of us.

And now, if you actually wanted to be able to read it:

We are going to stick this on the door of our house, so we can see where we’re headed every time we leave. And when we get where we’re going, we’ll stick it up again, to see where we’ve been.

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