Still chipping away at that list

I know I’ve been quiet, but we have not forgotten or changed our minds. It has been very busy on all fronts, so I’ve been shitty with updates here – sorry.

Since we spoke last, I have been hit with an unwelcome retrenchment. Sadly quite typical of how things are going around here at the moment. And after a week and a day of solid job hunting I can report that the job market is still as insane as I remember it…meaning right now I can’t seem to find a new one.

I am going to plan B the living daylights out of this situation by necessity I guess. And so, my list of things kick off with my first ever visit to the UIF offices yesterday. Not even when I was on maternity leave did I go there. It has a bit of a stigma if I’m honest, and I would have very much enjoyed not ever going there if it could be helped.

I sat for about an hour and a half in the queue with some people in the same boat as me I guess, had some interesting chats, turned a blind eye to the occasional line cutter, only to be told that my previous employer could not be found on their system and handed more paperwork to complete before I can come again.

I’m also taking on all sorts of contract work and freelance work, send some my way if you have it haha. I can do just about anything, and I learn quickly the things that I can’t.

In one of moments I thought to myself it might be a good time to take a little inventory of things I could use, and I still have really good internet at the moment. I found a page on generating an income online so I’d like to try my hand at that on the side while I submit a million and one CVs in the meantime. My niche is going to be bargain hunting. Andy is superbly gifted at it, and who knows, maybe someone else can benefit from it too. Stick it to the man, or something similar.

We’ve created a YouTube channel here – go subscribe please, content is on its way shortly. 😀

In the meantime, here is an update on our documents list. Slow progress is still progress. You know you’re spending too much quality time at Home Affairs when you can start advising people in the queue, and you have a favourite official earmarked for best results.

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