The stars are aligning! Marvelous


So today we got the fantastic news that Noodle’s surname change has come though, next week we can apply for her changed birth certificate! This is fantastic news, and about two months ahead of when we thought we might get it, if all went according to plan, which when Home Affairs is involved is rarely the case.

Spiggy has been relentless in hounding about 50 different people at Home Affairs daily, sometimes 4 times daily, by email and so we now have a personal contact for this. She has undertaken to sort the certificate out for us in two weeks instead of 12 as well, which is beyond fabulous if it pans out. The first certificate took 5 years…so I’m not quite holding my breath just yet.

Anyhoo, without further ado – here is our updated list of documents – this one, although only one line, was a BIG one for us and just about every  document to follow was waiting for this to come through, so MASSIVE celebrations here today!

Docs Update Nov 2019

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