Blink,and you’ll miss it


So…part of our “master plan” for this adventure was that a few months before we flew the coop we’d move in with my folks and sell off our furniture. The initial timeline put that at about June, since we wanted to leave by September.

We were still kind of contemplating how we would break the news to our landlord when we realised that we were probably looking at closer to March or April now, since the paperwork went a lot faster than we thought it would. Then out of nowhere he came to see us and asked us (no hard feelings) if we would mind moving end February because he needed the cottage for his son, at this point I thought well maybe end Jan would work better for us since I am now unemployed and not 100% sure where the rent was going to come from in any event. He agreed and that was that.

Except last week Sunday (2 weeks before we were actually due to clear out), my husband got a severe ants in pants attack, and we moved in a day! Well, we’re selling our furniture out of our rental, but us and all our stuff moved. Someone was coming to buy the beds and we couldn’t really stay on the floor.

So, yeah. Things are speeding up so quickly around here that I wouldn’t be surprised to find myself on a plane by next week. Kidding, we still have a German Passport to wait for, which is hanging due to a Unabridged Marriage Certificate pending from SA Home Affairs. It will be at least another 8 to 12 weeks. Also, not sure how we’re going to buy tickets for the plane, but I’m at let go and let God stage of this. These things seem to work themselves out somehow.

Sidenote – you only realise how much stuff you have when you have to fit it all into boxes. Even more so if you have to do it in a day!

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