Ducks Lining Up



Happy days! We finally have the last of our Home Affairs documents, and yesterday we went to the German Embassy to apply for Andy’s passport renewal. In 8 weeks we can apply for our EEA family permits once we have that, and then we’re good to go. Hop on a plane and start a new life…it’s exciting, and daunting. (We’ll leave out all the paperwork we need to do on that side for another post, shall we?)

More to do things pop up at times like these, it’s to be expected I guess. Firstly I need to sell my car. I need to give Nicola’s school 2 weeks notice before her last day to get all her transcripts, but on the upside they will give it to me in English and I don’t have to pay extra, we need to find a home for the hedgehog about a month before we go, we need to get our dog Rabies tested three months before she can go, we need to pack our last two boxes, and we need a small bucket load full of money to get us to July and also some settling in money for when we get there.

Nicola will have the longest school holiday of her life this year! Her school is closing on the 12th of June, and school on that end only opens on the 5th of September. Plus she’s skipping half a year ahead. I see a lot of reading in her looooooong holiday ahead. On the upside, we’re getting there in summer if all works according to plan, so at least we have a honeymoon period before the weather everyone warns us about arrives.

In the meantime, we’ve all been wringing our hands trying to figure out the best way to get my parents out of the country as well. And out of nowhere my mom suddenly remembers that her grandmother was born in Scotland. Only, it turns out she was actually born in Northern Ireland, which might actually end up being even better. Shame, she came over as a little girl and landed more or less straight in a concentration camp to begin with. They were 4 sisters going in but only 3 made it out.

Now the hunt for paperwork kicks off again for them, but Andy is quite eager to roll up his sleeves and help. I think he rather enjoyed the 11 000 emails (not even joking about this amount)  top 50 odd people he sent to Home Affairs to get out documents out of them.

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