Progress…dead slow, but not dead



Andy was finally able to pick up his German passport today. Sheesh, four weeks overdue which is practically an eternity in German terms! Due to Corona crazies the embassy was unable to offer its usual range of services, and so we waited…

Great. No seriously, we are extremely excited about this.

Now that we have it, the next step is for Noodle and myself to obtain our EEA family permits, win the Lotto and all three bugger off into the great unknown. We need about R80K to handle what’s still needed to be done, hahahaha – we obviously don’t have it. We had quite a bit of it before the lockdown (that may never end), but we had to live on it in the meantime since we were not able to generate incomes and so on.

Also, the TLS Offices where we need to get the EEA family visas remain closed at this stage, although there are some murmurings of reopening soon. Also, airlines are not flying in and out of dodge at the moment, so even if we had the permits and the money we would still be stranded. All these things are fine, everything will work out as it should when it should. I have given up all pretense of being in control and am paddling in place at the whim of the world. We are not moving forward or backward, only keeping head above water – beats drowning.

The real actual question which has revealed itself over the last 10 weeks while we’ve been locked down is…*drum roll please* Is the UK really the right place for us? Or are we only going there because of the English speaking and the fact that Andy lived there before? There probably isn’t a great way to handle a pandemic in general, but their way seems to have been particularly not fabulous, and also the way that the Boris is pushing for Brexit come hell or high water, it doesn’t look like foreigners are all that welcome really.

We do have other options, and we have a bit of time to consider them it seems (while we’re cooling our heels waiting for the stars to align). This is a very tough question to answer. You know, we could go somewhere and not love it, and just move again. Except the UK. If we don’t go there before the end of December 2020 we can’t go there at all.

All moot until we come up with the moola, so we let it simmer for now.

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