Hold on to your hat!


So…after roughly two years of hunting paperwork, we have at long last received Noodle’s German Passport! 🎉🎉🎉

Now what?

You guessed it… more paperwork! Haha. Next up on our to do list is win the Lotto, get medical insurance, have our hard found documents apostled at DIRCO, and apply for my Visa (which could take up to 3 months). We have to sort out our own travel as well as our dog’s travel (she who can apparently only travel from CT), repack our few boxes of sentimentals (culling as much as possible), arrange shipping for those…maybe now…maybe later.

Oh yes, also find a place to live, jobs and a school, all while juggling the ever changing Covid regulations.

And because that seems like “a walk in the park” in between I am also throwing everything I have at mastering German, because although I have the A1 already (visa requirement), ideally I need to get to B1/2. What I don’t manage in this side will have to be done on that side anyway, but oddly enough it’s more affordable here if you don’t cost in my sanity.

And all this needs to happen by end of July, because as it stands we need to do 14 days quarantine there, and find our feet, and we want Noodle to start the new school year there in September.

After a long-loooooooong-long time of limbo, things are now determined to move at breakneck speed. Whooohooo! Here we go! 😁

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