The end…or actually the beginning!


The test/interview at the Embassy went well (despite my heart sitting in my throat the entire time!), and yesterday we received an email to say that my Visa has been approved.

We’ve book flights! It actually feels so unreal that after two years of intense paperwork hunting, we’re actually really really on our way!

And now begins the next step of saying all our goodbyes (during a don’t see anyone pandemic), and getting our last ducks in a row.

And then we start again…on the other side of the world with two suitcases each, knowing hardly anyone there, in a language that is still a new shoe for two of us. Exciting, right?!

It is exciting. The fact that I don’t think this is stressful probably mean that the reality hasn’t hit me fully yet. 😂 Ask me again when we’re done with Anmeldung how I feel.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jodie says:

    Wow, congratulations! And all the best with your new move…exciting times 🙂


    1. Louisa says:

      Thank you! We are so excited!


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