What do you know…another loop


So we have been merrily waiting for my Family Reunification Visa to come through, thinking that it should happen anytime between more or less now and mid August.

As far as research led us to believe, the last steps would then be to book tickets, go collect the visa and go.

Imaging my horror when I got an email yesterday, saying I have to be at the embassy on Monday at 8:00 for another language exam! Why?! 😂 I passed mine with flying colours in December. And I had such panic attacks about that one with more than a month of prep time. Now I have another one in two days!!! Eep!

I phoned to check what the story was. Sadly the lady who mailed me wasn’t available, but her colleague said it’s actually an interview in German, not an exam. Hahaha, this makes it not better for me if you were wondering.

Oh well, it’s not like I haven’t been studying every day for the last year…so I guess I’ll just go and hope for the best. It will be a bit sucky if I fail this after everything that we’ve done so far.

So, if it’s your thing, please spend some time on your knees Monday morning. I need all your prayers, for my nerves if not for my German language skills.

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